As 2013 opened, I hoped for lesser debuts in K-Pop. I think we have enough rookies to care for now in the industry, and I think that as time progressed, debuts became weaker and weaker. Groups were put out with very bland title tracks, and all their concepts were very unoriginal. I was starting to get tired with rookies, to be honest.

Then came Ladies’ Code

I thought Ladies’ Code was just another typical debut, like the ones we’ve been having since last year, but when I gave their MV for their lead single a try when it came out, I proved myself wrong. Boy was I hooked.

나쁜여자 (BAD GIRL)starts with a piano part that comes off a little unnecessary at first, but as soon as the beats come in, you’ll realize it helped establish the mood for the track. Something that’s different from this track compared to the other bland rookie title tracks is that this one didn’t rely on digital arrangement. It was a brassy song, and it didn’t have much synths as the title tracks in K-Pop these days, so it was definitely a breath of fresh air. The song was unbelievably catchy as well, and there wasn’t a part in the song where I felt like it didn’t fit. The pace of the song’s mood didn’t slow down, so there was consistency which was enough to get me hooked with the song.

SuperGirl gives us a taste of how the girls will sound with a little bit of vocoder mixed to them, and it didn’t sound bad at all. The track had a few traces of vocoder in a few parts, but the girls’ voices during the verses and chorus remained natural, so I thought it was a very smart move. The song had a lot higher vocal parts than Bad Girl, so it actually became proof that the group is vocally talented. The arrangement has a feel of hip hop in it, so I was surprised they made it work into a vocally-driven track. This song wasn’t as amazing as the title track, but it was great too. It was catchy, and for an album track, this kicks ass. 

Dada La is the closest to Bad Girl in the album, since it had similarities in terms of the arrangement. It had a jumpy beat and featured brass as well, except this was a lot lighter in mood and had less brass parts in it. Just like the two previous tracks, the vocals of the girls shine in the song, so that wasn’t surprising. Another great addition to the mini.

안울래 (I’m Not Crying) is the only ballad in the mini, and I must say it isn’t bad. I’m not really a big fan of ballads, but I thought this track was good. Usually, when I listen to slow songs from groups known for uptempo tracks, I tend to hate it since they all come off boring, but this had more than just piano and guitars, so it wasn’t as boring. It has a very “Ladies’ Code” flavor to it due to a few beats added during the chorus parts, so that gave the song an unusual feel to it which probably helped in me liking the song.

Overall, I thought this mini was great. Great vocals, great arrangements, and just great songs. I praise the girls’ producers for taking a different approach with regards their promo track, but I praise the talent of these girls the most. So Jung probably is one of my favorite members, along with Ashley. So Jung’s vocals are different, yet amazing, and it really fit the song. As for Ashley, since she was really pretty, I thought she was just the face of the group. But when she started singing, I was surprised since I didn’t expect her to be this talented vocally as well as talented in terms of dancing. The rest of the members, RiSe, EunB, and Zuny were also impressive. They had as much talent as Ashley and So Jung, so I give props to Polaris for putting up an equally talented group. Most groups have the most talent skewed into a member or 2, but the girls in Ladies’ Code is equally great. If this is just the beginning for the group, then I can’t wait to hear more from them. 

96/100Definitely the best debut so far in 2013. :)

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